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Rainbow Cupcakes

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Here's the recipe (slightly adjusted from what the book says):

Makes: 12-15 cupcakes Prep Time: 40 mins Start to Finish: 1 hr 40 mins


1 1/2 cps flour
1 3/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cp butter, softened
1 cp sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp coconut extract (this can be substituted with vanilla)
3/4 cp canned coconut milk (not cream of coconut)
Yellow, green, red, blue, purple food colouring

OR use a white cake mix!

Measure 3/4 cp batter into each of 5 bowls.  Each bowl of batter should be coloured differently:  yellow, green, red, blue and purple.

Spoon a skimpy tbsp of yellow batter into each cup; smooth to edge and then repeat with green, red, blue and purple.

Bake 18-22 mins at 350C. Cool completely before frosting.

6 cps icing sugar
3/4 cp butter or margarine
1 tbsp vanilla
3-4 tbsp milk
Blue food colouring

Mix sugar, margarine, vanilla and milk and beat until smooth. Separate 1 cup of icing into a ziploc bag (for the clouds) then colour remaining icing blue. Spread approx. 1.5 tbsp of blue frosting on each cupcake.


Sour whips/belts in rainbow colours. These can be found at Bulk Barn or the Dollar Store. Once placed on each cupcake add puffs of white icing.

Aren't they the cutest little cupcakes? Try it! Both kids and adults will love them.  They are delicious!

Cooking Tips : 

Better Food, Faster, Cheaper: Quick Ways To Improve Your Cooking

Learning the basics of cooking can transform this task from a drag into an enjoyable hobby. The tips from this article can give you the basics of cooking.

Prepare in advance as much as you can ahead of time.It is essential to have all prep work finished before cooking commences. You can spare yourself a great deal of hassle by doing prep work done early.

Being properly prepared is key step when planning to prepare a meal for family and friends. Make sure you have all of the ingredients ready. This will allay some of your fears and anxiety when it is time to cook without having to worry.

Partially frozen meat to make slicing into thin strips easier. This technique is suited for meats used in Asian cuisine. Allow the meat to thaw prior to cooking though, so you can be sure that the strips all cook evenly.

Sharp knives are essential in the kitchen. Dull knives make it harder to cut and also extremely dangerous to use.

Boiling your vegetables can drain the vitamins and nutrients to be found in vegetables. To keep the nutrients in tact, chose faster cooking methods like steaming or sauteing, and you could always enjoy them naturally in their raw state.

Garlic is just one of tasty ingredients whose flavor with a drawback: garlic can transfer to your hands and fingers. Try rubbing your hands on stainless steel sink after you work with the garlic or other potent ingredients.This will clean your hands thoroughly and prevent the odor from transferring to other foods you are handling.

Have you had trouble trying to figure out exactly how long to grill your meat? Use a good meat thermometer to tell when it is cooked correctly.

Cook your vegetables in chicken broth! Chicken broth is an excellent base to use when preparing vegetable dishes that helps keep them from sticking and incorporating some flavor.

Always make certain you are checking out the ingredient labels thoroughly when getting items for a recipe. Many common ingredients include substances that may not be very healthy. You want to produce a product that is not high in sugar or salt because both can cause major health problems if eaten too much.

If the recipe has called for water, switch it up by using a broth, beef broth, or juice when suitable. Instead of milk, you can substitute yogurt, yogurt or buttermilk. Using liquid substitutions in your cooking can add nutritional content to certain dishes and improve their flavor.

This will help to give your dish to become more flavorful.

Many of the vegetables and herbs have a strong residual odor which tends to leave your cutting board smelly no matter how hard you try to scrub it off. Use indelible ink to mark one end of the cutting board so that you know which is which.

Place unripe fruits in a plastic bag that is perforated right after you buy them. If you put them in a perforated plastic bag, the air can circulate and assure that the gas is retained, helping the fruits retain their wonderful taste.

When you are planning to make quite a detailed meal, do the prep work the evening before the actual cooking is to take place to minimize stress. Get all of the ingredients that you will need, and chop or measure anything you can in advance. You will only have to get everything together and putting heat to it if you to cook.

One of the best cooking tip is just be flexible and creative; do your imagination. You need not have to follow a recipe to the "T". That is a person a great cook!

This will aid in avoiding cooking disasters that can arise from being unprepared, as well as prevent other dangerous situations resulting from distractions.

If you plan to prepare food outside for a cookout, then prepare your grill in advance so that you can start grilling right away. The grill should be prepared 30 minutes before your coals are hot enough to start grilling.The heat should be moderate and the charcoal should emit medium heat. This is the perfect temperature to begin grilling.

Spices will rapidly lose flavor if exposed to heat, light and humidity. This just exposes them to the elements and other unfavorable conditions that zap all of their flavors.

There is not just one kind of potato, and they cannot be equally substituted for each other.

There are a variety of great ways to prepare fresh oysters. You can prepare oysters in other ways than raw on the half shell with some drizzled lemon juice. Sprinkle Parmesan and grated pepper over them and allow them to broil until they begin to bubble. You can also try sauteing the oysters. You can also bake the oysters while they are still in their shells. Put them in a baking dish, and put a little of butter with fresh breadcrumbs on top of each; preheat oven to 425 degrees, and bake for 4 to 5 minutes. Serve hot on toast points or a baguette when your oysters once the butter starts bubbling.

Set a watch timer that you can easily carry with the oven timer.

The high heats in a microwave causes oil to separate from other food ingredients. Baking slowly and consistently can reheat your whole dish and keep the ingredients more cohesive.

Always use nylon and silicone spoons/spatulas if you are using nonstick cookware that you're cooking with. Metal or wooden utensils could scratch nonstick coating.This is unappetizing and possibly dangerous.

If you have odors from the food that you are cooking with, onions, or fish, and then wash with soap. You can use the sink itself, leaving them fresh.

As mentioned before, cooking skills are simple to learn. It only takes your desire to learn and a time comittment. By working with the tips here, you can increase your kitchen confidence and enhance your cooking skills. With the right attitude, cooking can be quite fun.

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